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If you haven’t heard of CRKT, then you haven’t been around the knife community for long enough. I kept waiting and waiting for CRKT to release a titanium pocket knife and finally that day came. Now, this review may be a little bias, as I already LOVE the M16 line of their blades, but nevertheless, this is my absolute FAVORITE titanium pocket knife.

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This is not your ordinary “Made in China” junk that most big knife brands are pushing out these days. Sure, you can go and buy a $10 Gerber knife with incredibly soft steel that will dull after the first cut. No, I have been using this knife for a solid 3 months now without any noticeable change in blade sharpness. In fact, the only thing that I have been doing is stropping the edge once every two weeks and the CRKT M16-13T has yet to dull.

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If I used a cheap Chinese knife then I’m positive it wouldn’t last nearly as long as this masterpiece has. So far, I have been really impressed with the heat-treat CRKT has been doing to their AUS-8 steel. The only companies that I have seen with AUS-8 that are comparable to CRKT are Cold Steel and SOG.

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If you are currently in the market for a reliable titanium pocket knife, then the CRKT M16-13T is your best bet. Most “Titanium” knives out there are just cheap Chinese junk that has a titanium-looking finish, but isn’t real titanium. The CRKT M16-13T is the real deal.

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I will most likely end up picking up a few more and giving them to friends. Once again though, I am a little bias. I love the M16 model that CRKT has created. They have a bunch of various modifications from the original M16, but they all feel about the same in hand. The titanium model definitely is a bit heavier than most of the other models if that matters to you.