Knife Gimping

What Knife Gimping Is


knife gimping

Knife Gimping or blade jimping is referring to the notches on the back of a blade that allow for more grip. While it hasn’t officially been termed, jimping or gimping is used in order to keep your thumb from sliding up the blade while cutting. If your hands ever get sweaty while cutting something, then you have dealt with this issue before. Blade gimping is the solution to this. By gimping or jimping a knife, you create an area of friction. Since your finger can no longer easily slide up and down the blade, cutting and slicing becomes much easier. Many production knives offer jimping on their blades, however many manufacturers fall short in effectively producing them.


The Key To Successful Knife Gimping

jimping on a knife

The real key to successful gimping a knife is to slightly round the harsh edges so that your thumb stays in place, but it doesn’t tear off pieces of your skin. The rounded edges may actually take away the grip you once had though since a sharp edge will provide more friction. One of the main reasons people jimp their knives is because of the ‘cool’ factor that comes with it. It is very hard to deny the fact that a knife that is gimped usually looks much better than one that isn’t. This is because the knife usually has more attention to detail and looks much more expensive. Jimping is an added touch that someone can add to a blade to make a knife really pop.



Having a gimped knife isn’t for everyone. Some like a nice smooth knife, while others like a knife that looks like the entire knife is jimped. Whatever your preference is, make sure to go for it. I have never bought a knife that I regretted purchasing.