Top 5 “Knuckle Sandwich Knives” For Every Day Carry

What in the heck is a “knuckle sandwich knife!?”

Hey There, Taylor here.

After a long year of using my knives, I made a list of the folding knives that I have used during each day. The five knives below were the knives that were in my pocket in order from most usage to least usage.


“OK, that’s great Taylor, but how can you claim that these are the top folding knives for every day carry?”


Fair question, I simply stop using a knife once I do not like it. So, if a knife keeps managing to make its way into my pocket, that means I don’t hate it yet and it becomes one of my best everyday cutlery items.


“OK, well that still doesn’t tell me why they are the best knives for every day carry…”


Hold up, by using these knives and figuring out what I don’t like by usage statistics, I can narrow down the best knives for every day carry with actual data!


“Yeah, but that is just listing knives that you think are the best.”


Exactly, it’s all personal preference as to which knife is better than another. However, the five knives below I consider to be “knuckle sandwich knives” because they are my top five used and favorite folding knives. Let’s begin…


1. Benchmade Mini Griptilian

benchmade mini griptilian knuckle knife


This is the knife that I believe to be the best overall folding knife for every day carry. The Mini Griptilian has quite a few great features, but the one most reviewers miss is how incredibly comfortable and ergonomic that the handle is. The knife is American made and the quality speaks for itself. You can check out my review on this knife by heading over here. The Benchmade Mini Griptilian keeps finding its way back to my pocket, even over the many years of hard use I have put on it.


2. Spyderco Tenacious

spyderco knuckle sandwich knives folder


The Spyderco Tenacious is one of Spyderco’s best selling knives. At first, I thought that if Spyderco produced this knife in China that their well known quality would be reduced. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This knife is pure quality. The Tenacious easily makes the knuckle sandwich knives list because of its prowess. The main feature of the best everyday cutlery Spyderco Tenacious is the excellent price point. This knife can easily be found for a reasonable price if you look around. The handle is also quite ergonomic as well.


3. Ontario RAT I

rat i ontario knife company blade


Ontario Knife Company has been around for a while. When it comes to folding knives, OKC definitely is ahead of the pack. The RAT I can be found for under fifty dollars easily and is razor sharp out of the box. The opening action is extremely smooth and the knife flips out like butter. The knife is made in Taiwan, but the quality is superb and it is definitely part of my best everyday cutlery. Ganzo, made a copy of this knife with an axis-type lock, but the original RAT I is much better quality than Ganzo’s version.


4. CRKT Drifter

crkt drifter folding knife


The CRKT Drifter has two versions of the knife. It has a stainless steel handled version and a G10 handled version. I only recommend the G10 version. The stainless steel version slips out of my hands too easily and there is too much extra weight. The G10 version is perfect for people with small hands, especially if your hands get sweaty. This knife won’t slip out of sweaty hands. The Drifter’s that I have all have excellent lock ups. The Drifter is made in China, but I haven’t had any quality issues with it. The great thing about the Drifter for me is that the blade shape is AMAZING for cutting food. This knife has so much to love that it definitely couldn’t miss making it to knuckle sandwich knives list.


5. SOG Flash II

sog flash ii knuckle sandwich knife


The Flash II by SOG is really quite interestingly engineered. The knife is extremely lightweight and includes a full sized blade with a large handle. The knife is assisted and the action is lightning fast and instantly became part of my best everyday cutlery knives. This knife is so light that I sometimes forget that it is buried in my pocket. I bought the yellow version specifically so that it is easy to see when I stick it in a drawer or leave it lying around the house. The Flash II by SOG is an excellent knife with an excellent steel.


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