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The Most Heavy Duty Knife for Every Day Carry

heavy duty pocket knife

So, first off let’s define what I mean about a heavy duty knife. A heavy duty knife is one that can withstand extreme abuse. I’m talking about a knife that can survive multiple ten foot falls onto concrete, cutting aluminum, using it as a hammer, and just using the knife for things other than what its intended use is. A heavy duty knife should be one with solid construction. It shouldn’t break after being used day after day and should only need maintenance less than once per month.

So Which Knife Is the Best to Take a Beating?

kershaw link blade heavy slicing usage dutiful

traditional knife blade type

The Kershaw Link is the best knife I have found to take a beating and keep on cutting. I have used the knife as a hammer, a screwdriver, a bottle opener… you name it. This knife has taken a beating. Why? Well, Kershaw is a great brand that always makes their knives tough as nails at a low price. The low price point is why I feel no need to take care of the Link.

How Much Abuse Can It Take?

heavy use carry pocket clip for blade

The Link that I own has been used as a hammer at least twenty times now for various tasks, mainly opening walnuts. If you need a nutcracker, just get this knife, it will bust through just about anything if you have the will to bust through it. I haven’t found another heavy duty pocket knife that can take the abuse that the Kershaw Link is able to take.

What is the Most Heavy Duty Part of the Kershaw Link?

pocket knife heavy duty unbreakable

The Kershaw Link has a full aluminum handle. Now, I thought aluminum was supposed to be a soft steel, boy was I in for a surprise. I have dropped this knife on concrete floors, hard sinks, and stone counters. Nothing seems to phase this knife, even the blade holds an edge for a solid month before I have to sharpen it. If you are looking for a knife that can take a serious beating, then look no further than the Kershaw Link.

heavy duty kershaw link folding knife

traditional knife blade type

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