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Heavy Duty Pocket Knife

The Most Heavy Duty Knife for Every Day Carry So, first off let’s define what I mean about a heavy duty knife. A heavy duty knife is one that can withstand extreme abuse. I’m talking about a knife that can survive multiple ten foot falls onto concrete, cutting aluminum, using it as a hammer, and... Read More »

Best Traditional Pocket Knife

Top Traditional Folding Blade Choice Buck 110 Folding Hunter Traditional Folder I had to do it folks, this post had to come eventually. I know many of my viewers rave about this blade. Anyone who has been in the knife community for a substantial period of time has heard of this knife. If you haven’t... Read More »

Tanto Knife Benefits

Are Tanto Edges All They Are Hyped Up To Be? As you may or may not know, a tanto shaped blade has a sharp angle in the blade that brings the tip to a very menacing-looking point. Tanto bladed knives have a very unique and “deadly” look to them, however, they are quite useful when... Read More »

Top 5 “Knuckle Sandwich Knives” For Every Day Carry

What in the heck is a “knuckle sandwich knife!?” Hey There, Taylor here. After a long year of using my knives, I made a list of the folding knives that I have used during each day. The five knives below were the knives that were in my pocket in order from most usage to least... Read More »