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Buck 110 Folding Hunter Traditional Folder

I had to do it folks, this post had to come eventually. I know many of my viewers rave about this blade. Anyone who has been in the knife community for a substantial period of time has heard of this knife. If you haven’t heard of the Buck 110, welcome to the world of knives. The 110 by Buck is a well known folding knife used for hunting applications. However, today we will be discussing why the 110 is an excellent hunting boning knife as well as the best traditional pocket knife to date.

buck 110 clip point knife

Tested and Proven

The original Buck 110 traditional folder was released in 1964. It was used by hunters and every day citizens alike, and was quickly well known because of its versatility and ruggedness. Today’s Buck 110 is a major improvement from the original narrow curved boning knife that it once was. The Buck 110 now sports a 420HC steel that has one of the best heat treatments, the Buck heat treatment. If you aren’t familiar with how Buck heat treats their blade, you can read about it here. The only heat treatment that I think even compares to Buck’s is SOG’s Cryogenic Heat Treatment. The heat treatment and design alone puts the Buck 110 in the running for being the best traditional pocket knife. Also, the 110 has a reputation for being the most professional boning knife on the market, admired by those other than just hunters.

the traditional edged folder knife buck 110

Simple Design

The Buck 110 is one of the most famous lock back designs ever created. Many knife companies followed after Buck by creating clip point blades in a lock back design. However, the Buck 110 still hasn’t been beaten. The quality and price point of the 110 is nearly unbeatable. The Buck 110 is an excellent small game hunting knife that is best suited for heavy use. Most of the time, you can easily find this knife with a genuine leather sheath for less than $50. Price was definitely a factor in why the 110 was chosen to be the best traditional pocket knife. Another great thing about the Buck 110 is that not only is it a great small game hunting knife, but it is a near-perfect duck hunting knife.

traditional folding blade

traditional knife blade type


This post had to be made. I know a lot of knife nuts out there have seen article after article on the Buck 110, but this knife needs to be mentioned. Most of those who have been around the knife community have heard and most likely used this knife at some point in their life. I have owned my 110 for over 10 years and the only maintenance I do is oil and sharpen it about once a year or so. If you haven’t owned a traditional folder before, I suggest that you try out the Buck 110, as it is my choice for the best traditional pocket knife to date. The Buck 110 is such a great knife because you can use it every day and as long as you take basic care of it, then you will have this knife for a lifetime.

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