Zero Tolerance Titanium Sinkevich

Zero Tolerance Sinkevich Titanium Pocket Knife

Zero Tolerance Sinkevich Titanium Pocket Knife












            • Lightweight
            • Full Titanium Handle
            • Excellent Steel
            • Beautiful Stonewash Finish
            • Made In USA


            • Difficult To Open Until Broken In

            Zero Tolerance Titanium Sinkevich

            titanium pocket knife

            What’s So Great About The Sinkevich?

            The 0450 and the 0452CF are the production titanium pocket knife versions of the Sinkevich by Zero Tolerance. The 0450 is the small titanium handled version, while the larger carbon fiber handled model is the 0452CF. The 0450 titanium handled version is the one that I am talking about in this review. This is a smaller knife for Zero Tolerance, as most of their knives are very large folders. However, it is still quite large. Amazingly enough, it is very lightweight, even with full titanium handle scales. It works great for Gentleman’s Carry as it has a very sleek and gorgeous stonewash finish.

            titanium pocket knife

            The Good and the Amazing

            The Flipper action on this knife is incredible. The 0450 has the KVT Ball Bearing System so the knife flips out with ease. The flipper is comfortable to depress. The steel is S35VN which is a fantastic steel. It has amazing corrosion resistance and stays sharp for a very long time. However, the grind is terrible. In cut testing cardboard, the blade got hung up multiple times. However, it was still completely manageable, but I would have preferred a full flat grind. Even with the grind this knife is still the best titanium pocket knife to date. The pocket clip isn’t deep carry, so you will have just a tad of the knife sticking out of your pocket. Zero Tolerance is a great company, so if you have any quality issues then just send it back and they will most likely give you a brand new one. The hardware is excellent. I haven’t had any stripping or slippage of any of the hardware and I have taken the knife apart and put it back together at least 5 times now. The lock bar is solid. I have no frets with the lock is was excellent. The frame lock didn’t allow for any blade play and the blade stood completely still while using the knife. Zero Tolerance did a great job with the locking system.

            Made In The USA

            titanium pocket knife

            This knife is made in the USA, which is always a great feature. I personally like supporting my home economy here in the United States, but I also understand that there are many fine knives made outside of the USA. Because of that reason, I buy my knives from every country, but I secretly get an extra good feeling when I buy a knife made in the USA. My reasoning for buying a knife made in the United States is this, if you enjoy your local economy, then you should support it. Otherwise, you may see a drop in your quality of life if the businesses that you love can’t support themselves anymore. Another great thing about USA made titanium pocket knives it that they are made with the utmost quality. I have noticed that all of my USA and Japanese produced knives are much higher quality than most of my other folding knives. I personally think the Sinkevich has an amazing swedge at the top of the blade.

            More Titanium Pocket Knife Raves

            The handle is extremely comfortable and there is room to choke up a tad if you need to. It looks as though your finger will be sliced if you go over the finger guard, however, it will not. The handle has a nice cold steel feeling to it. The hardware hasn’t loosened up on me and I’ve been using this knife for about 2 years on and off. I usually take it camping with me since titanium doesn’t rust. What a wonderful material titanium is, it is strong and doesn’t rust. Also, it is very lightweight. The flipper is nicely shaped and easily depressed. The handle doesn’t have any hang ups or hot spots and is very ergonomic. The pocket clip is amazing! for such a big titanium pocket knife I thought that Zero Tolerance would have put a big clip on it. However, Zero Tolerance did the titanium pocket knife community a solid and put a nice sleek and slim clip on the knife. I think it looks really good. It also works really well in the pocket. Nicely done Zero Tolerance, you guys are a great company.

            Other Great Titanium Pocket Knives

            Zero Tolerance Anso

            titanium folding knife

            (Click Here To See Amazon Reviews On Zero Tolerance Anso)

            The Anso by Zero Tolerance is another great knife with full titanium handles. I absolutely love the blade shape of this knife. The colored hardware is also a nice touch. Zero Tolerance is great with aesthetics in their knives. The steel is the same as the Sinkevich, sporting a blade made of S35VN steel. The blade length is 3.5 inches, which is perfect for EDC. It’s overall length is 8.4 inches, meaning that the handle is 4.9 inches long. The handle is a little weird to hold in your hand, but is completely manageable. However, the ergonomics are nothing like a knife designed to be comfortable to hold, such as a Benchmade Mini Griptilian. Overall, I personally don’t believe that the Anso is worth the steep price tag. However, it is an excellent knife if you have a couple of hundreds burning a hole in your pocket.

            Other Great Knives In The Folding EDC Category

            Knife ModelPriceBlade SteelAverage Amazon Rating
            SOG Flash 2$$AUS-84.5/5
            Spyderco Paramilitary 2$$$CPM-S30V5/5
            Kershaw Cryo$8Cr13MoV4.5/5
            KA-Bar Dozier$AUS-84.5/5
            Kershaw Blur$$Sandvik 14C28N5/5
            Benchmade 940$$$S30V4.5/5

            Conclusion – The Best Titanium Pocket Knife

            The Sinkevich is a high quality production folding knife. It definitely fits into the high-end carry category and is the best titanium pocket knife that I have ever used. Most knives with titanium in them are overpriced and the quality is usually sub-par, however, the Sinkevich is an exception. Not only does the Sinkevich have an excellent quality build, but the S35VN steel is a very versatile steel that stays sharp for an insanely long amount of time. I was really surprised with how well the blade held up after cutting cardboard for hours on end. After about 300 full cardboard cuts, the blade still looked great underneath a magnifying glass. All I had to do was touch it up really quickly with my leather strop and it was good to go again after a few strokes. I highly recommend this knife, good job Zero Tolerance.

            best titanium pocket knife

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