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Welcome to Folding Knife Reviews! This site specializes in folding knives and gives full in-depth reviews of some of the most popular and unique knives on the market. Below are a list of articles that I have written that will hopefully be of use to you:


It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced knife nut like me or if you are a complete newbie looking to buy your first knife, this site probably has something that you will find useful. One of the most important things about buying a knife is knowing what you are looking for before you actually begin your search. Things like blade length, handle material, blade finish, and other knife properties may not seem all that important to the newbie. However, to the experienced knife nut, details are what makes all the difference. The average person can go to a department store and buy a cheap $10 folding knife and be completely happy. This site is not for that person. In fact, if you are happy with your cheap knife with terrible tolerances and soft blade steel, I’d advise you to leave this site before it makes you angry. I will be breaking down knife properties to the utmost details and clearly explain why I feel one knife is better than another or why one knife is just terrible.

An easy way to determine what you are looking for in a knife is to think of the use that you will be putting it through. For instance, if you are cutting apples and boxes open, you probably want to look for a shorter blade and a lighter weight knife. However, if you are trying to split wood, you probably wouldn’t be looking for a folding knife in the first place.